Understanding the place, weather, temperature, winds, sun positions, the altitude of the land, we decided to use the appropriate materials: the wood, the glass, the steel, the vegetation, which play a fundamental role in the development of the house, bringing freshness and tranquility.

In the same way, being aware of the exuberant landscape that surrounds the project, it was decided to integrate all these interior spaces towards the exterior, where the landscape plays an important role being the “natural paintings”that make up the house. In this way, passive bioclimatic concepts are adapted, such as natural lighting, natural ventilation, and thermal transmission of materials. Always thinking about these aspects at the time of design and thus seek energy savings within its operation.

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The tropical architecture emerges as a need to adapt to the environment and the climate context, to provide greater comfort to homes.

House type: CASTILLA

House type: BORBÓN

House type: ARÁBIGO

Composed by 29 lots between 2.47 and 3.7 acres, with houses between 3229 and 4854 sf, project to be developed in 2 phases.

Urban Plain


With the support from:


Jairo Toro - Electrical Engineer
Pedro Valencia - Structural Engineer
Nelson Madrid -Hydraulic Engineer


Km 2 Vía El Aeropuerto Internacional El Edén, Vereda La Argentina, Condominio Haciendas El Rancho, La Tebaida - Quindío